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Pinch Me For Free Products!

PinchMe Photo

Pinch Me … Come on … Pinch Me!  Well, not literally, but let me introduce you to an online marketing platform that allows you to try new products for free in return for a review.  That’s it … no hidden agenda, just an honest review of the product.

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So give Pinch Me a try … there is nothing to lose!  Have fun!  And, be sure to comment below and tell me what you think about Pinch Me.

Giveaway: 100+ Subscribers on YouTube

Whoo Hoo!!  Living Life Wright  has over 100 subscribers on YouTube !  To celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway!!



Starts September 22, 2014 – October 30, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.

Prize:  15 Flavored Lip Glosses (Purchased with my own money – not sponsored by Dollar Tree)

For Who?  US only (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

Age: 18 years or older


1.  Must subscribe to my channel!

2.  Leave a comment telling me which flavor you think you would like best.

Winner will be announced on YouTube video and Living Life Wright website on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

Winner will be  notified through YouTube message center and MUST respond within 48 hours with Name & Address to receive the prizes.  

Good luck to all!  

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday to you all!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned with lots of fun and exciting things to do or to enjoy with your family!

Me … well, not so much.  Of course I will be home with “E” that is always a good thing.  Danny is my husband, aka…E. More on that later :) If the good Lord allows us to have a sunny weekend, I am planning to do some gardening.  Our landscape has been neglected far, far too long!!  I don’t believe I even did anything to it last year and if I wait much longer, I will be able to say the same about 2014.  But I hope this won’t be the case.

Take a look at the photo … new hair doo!  I love it!  I went back to a short haircut a couple of months ago, but I was trying to let my hair go back to its  natural color (yes, I color my hair … but just because I want to … cough, cough .. not) which by surprise, was a lot lighter and more brassy looking than I remembered.  I do believe that as you age your hair color does tend to change color … lighter, lighter and lighter until it is gray … nope. NOT for me!!  LOL  So, bottom line, I decided that my natural color just wasn’t cutting the mustard, so back to a darker brown/red hair color.  This is the first day that I’m rocking this cut and color and I must say I love it!!  My hair stylist is a rock star … he is a male hair dresser … and straight, good looking one to boot!  Always a plus, right. Well, enough about that.

I just want to wish you all a great weekend.  Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what plans you have. Take care!

R.I.P Sweet Grace

Grace the Kitty

This is a tear jerker of a post but I just wanted to share the story of Grace.

Grace was an abandoned kitty that I found outside my work place laying on ground behind the dumpster (Thursday, July 31).  She was such a sweet little kitty but it was so apparent that this kitty was in very bad shape. Now, I get off work at 5:00 p.m., the vet that our family uses closes at 6:00 p.m., and on this day I was late for a very important date (as they say).  My heart was breaking over seeing this poor little kitty laying there so helpless.  I could see that the kitty was breathing but she wasn’t moving at all, except for her sweet little head that would turn slightly upward at the sound of my voice and lay it back down softly.  Oh,I love dogs and cats and hate to see any animal being abused, abandoned or hurt.  I didn’t have any gloves, box or blanket with me in order to pick up the kitty and haul in my car.  For I didn’t know if she had a disease of some sort or if she would be frightened and bite me …. you just never know.  But of course my heart was saying that this little kitty was to weak and sick to act out in this manner.

But, I decided to go on home which is just 2 minutes from my work place and try to figure out what to do. So, I arrived home and immediately called our local Vet’s office that I use for my precious CiCi (my Shi Tzu) and asked their advice.  They of course said it was up to me but to use caution in handling the animal since we didn’t know the extent of the illnesses.  Also, they said that I would be personally responsible for all bills which incurred whether it be putting the little kitty down (RIP) or hospitalization which could be very costly.  Now, at this point I was wondering  … isn’t there any vets that would look at kitty in this shape that was just found outside a dumpster, left for dead, and was found by a total stranger and out of an act of kindness?  Well, apparently not my chosen vet … which BTW I need to think long and hard over this once I get in the right frame of mind.  Know what I mean?

At this point, tears were pouring out of my eyes as I was trying to call my daughter for her assistance.  I asked her if she could drive up to my work place which is approximately 15 minutes away from her house and do an “act of mercy” for me since I was needed to be elsewhere within 30 minutes and knew I wouldn’t have time.  I also just didn’t have the mindframe to act calmly at this point because I was just beside myself.  My daughter, Taylor, asked me what “act of mercy”?  I proceeded to tell her about the little kitty.  Also, my husband was working late and was unavailable to take my phone call and ghost busters were unreachable (LOL) so my daughter was the go to good samaritan.     She agreed to drive up and take a look at the situation and see what could be done.

So on her way to my workplace she drove past my home and my husband just happened to be pulling into the driveway (Thank you Lord!).  So she pulled in to our driveway, explained the situation and off they went together to see what could be done for this poor little kitty. My husband saw that the kitty was in bad, bad shape and wouldn’t make it through the night.  He put on his gloves and gently scooped up the precious kitty and laid her in a plastic container that my daughter had brought with her lined with a warm and snuggly blanket.

At this point, our regular vet was closed and the only choice they had was take her to the Emergency After Hours Clinic near our house (the only 1 available in our surrounding area). Knowing that the rates are triple for this type of emergency care could run us a pretty penny, but that was what was important. So they enter into the clinic, the Vet examined the kitty and said she had broken legs, broken bones, was literally starved to death (only weight about 1 lb) and only had 1 eye.  Poor thing :(  They informed my husband and daughter that the kitty wouldn’t last through the night no matter what they did.  Keeping her alive would only postpone the pain and suffering she was experiencing for a brief time (if she even made it through the night).  So, they chose to “Let go … Let God” and put the sweet kitty to rest.  As my daughter was wiping the tears from her eyes and my husband holding back his tears, he turned to the Vet and asked how much he owed.  The Vet to his surprise turned and said you owe nothing … you did a very caring act of kindness and we want to return the act of kindness.  My husband thank them for their assistance, turned and walked away from a moment that will never be forgotten.

My daughter then named this sweet, precious kitty that was briefly a very important part of our lives …. GRACE. Wow … what a night!